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2 weeks before moving date


1 week before moving date


3 days before moving date

  1. Label all cartons with their basic contents and their designated rooms.
  2. Each carton has to be sealed securely with packing tape and be sure all items are well padded and fit snugly in the carton or container. 
  3. Pack heavier items at the bottom of the cartons. 
  4. Lampshades has to be packed in separate cartons 
  5. Wrap dishes individually with paper or air bubble materials 
  6. Small appliances should be well padded and packed snugly in cartons. The weight of each carton should not exceed 20 kg. 
  7. Small fragile items should be well padded and packed snugly into the cartons.
  8. Please maximise the usage of the entire carton to avoid sagging during stacking at the lorry 
Going into details: Packing of Regular/Irregular Shaped Objects
  1. Wrap with newsprint for glassware, plates and bowls. *Plates are stackable wrap
  2. Wrap 2nd layer with bubble wrap
  3. Use bubble wrap or newsprint to wrap one layer minimally for non glass/ fragile items.
  4. Any edges of the items are to be wrapped well to avoid dent/ scratches or damage.
  5. Include stuffing of newsprint papers to minimise movement space within the carton box.
  6. Put it in upright direction when placing in the boxes.
  7. Mugs/Cups/Glasses are to be wrapped with newsprint and bubble wrap individually.
  8. *For fragile items packing, place a layer of bubble wrap at the base of the carton box.
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